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Why use chemicals on something bought for its NATURAL healing qualities?

Moonshadow is a family owned and operated nursery where we strive to grow the most pure product we can. We don't believe that it is necessary to use harsh chemicals durning the growing process. This helps us to keep the plant from being altered by chemicals while also keeping our bodies clean. Natural means natural in every since when it comes to our product. 

Why we became passionate about growing?

Within our Moonshadow family we all have very different health care needs. These needs range anywhere from anxiety, to everyday pains along with some of our pets who have health needs as well.While learning to deal with these various issues we have found that the Hemp plant contains many amazing healing qualities that are naturally produced by the plant itself and has helped ALL of our needs. After trying Hemp in the form of CBD oil we are hooked and in awe of how great it works. Our only concern was in finding a truly pure product. So with our 20 years of growing experience we set out to do something about this and became passionate about growing a product to help others that was still a pure product in the end. 

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